Great Gifts for Active Seniors

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As seniors live longer, many remain active. Active seniors are living healthier longer lives. According to a recent study by The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics called Older Americans: Key Indicators of Well-Being, people who reach age 65 will live another 18.5 years. Many of these seniors are in excellent health and ready to take on the world.

If this reminds you of a wonderful senior in your life, this article is here to make gift giving exciting this holiday season. Not sure what the active senior in your life wants for the holidays? This is a Christmas gift guide for seniors on the move from creative to thrill seeking seniors.

For the Creative Senior
According to psychologists at the University of Toronto, developing creativity can help boost creative faculties and the ability to innovate. You can often find coupons for creative gifts on websites like Groupon or Living Social. Here are a few non-traditional gift ideas below for seniors who thrive on creativity.
• Dance Lessons
• Concert or Play Tickets
• Sculpting or Glass Blowing Class

For the Playful Senior
Games are a great way to stretch the “mental muscles” and share moments with friends. Large size games have become increasingly popular for sharing fun time keepers that were once solitary tasks.
• Giant Wall Crossword and Word Search Puzzle
• Large Checker, Chess, or Tic-tac-toe Board
• Board Games

For the Outdoorsy Senior
Seniors who love to commune with nature may enjoy gifts that allow them to share their love of outdoors with guests.
• Guided hiking tour
• Campfire Cooking Set
• Outdoor Wine Table

For the Senior Who Seeks Thrills
The ultimate active senior may have a bucket list that includes lots of traveling and experiential activities they want to take on after downsizing. Local senior friendly tours and activities could make great gifts. Here’s a few ideas you can find online again on websites like Groupon or Living Social:
• Senior Cycling Tour
• Senior Day Trips
• Senior Adventure Travel Trip or Tour Tickets

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